The oldest restaurant in San Agustin

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.

- Virginia Woolf

Restaurante Rocas Rojas was inaugurated on 11 December, 1971. At the inaugiration, assisted by the then Minister of Tourism, Pio Cabanillas and the Count de la Vega Grande in addition to well-known business dignities from Sweden – Sven Ljungholm and Per Gyllenhammar as representatives of SAF.

SAF took the initiative for the contruction of Rocas Rojas and the opening of the restaurant.

1971 Elias Garrido was hired as manager for Restaurante Rocas Rojas.

1981 Elias bought the restaurant and rebuilt it into two locations. One became a Grill and the other a French restaurant.

1990 The restaurant was rebuilt once again and some of the areas together with the garden was taken over by the Swedish School and the remaining Grill was renamed Restaurante Nito’s. The name comes from Elias’ son Johan whose nickname is Nito. During a few years Nito was also involved in the restaurant working as the head waiter. Until 2015 the restaurant was run by Elias and eventually his wife Kerstin.

2015 On 1 September, 2015, Elias and Kerstin handed over the management and running of the restaurant to Elias son Johan (Nito). Johan and his partner Annica continue the family business in the same spirit as before – a nice and cosy restaurant with a friendly atmosphere.

2015 On 11 December, 2016, the restaurant celebrates 45 years.

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